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I have this awesome product/service that I really need help marketing with. I've never worked with an external marketing partner before. What do I need to know?

First thing’s first. Tell us how awesome it is. What’s your unique value proposition (UVP)? How is your product/service different from others just like it? A good marketing partner will be asking many, many questions to get to the heart of your product/service. Once they have the essence, they can prescribe different strategies, tactics, and ways to create the best go-to-market strategy

What's the difference between digital marketing, internet marketing, and inbound marketing?

Glad you asked. They, for the most part, fall under the same umbrella. For digital marketing and internet marketing, they’re often used interchangeably because of their format. Digital Marketing means using digital or computer-based techniques and tactics to enhance a business’s marketing efforts. This could mean a number of both online and offline tactics to strengthen brand presence and notoriety through digital means. We consider this a much broader term than the other two. 

Internet marketing does still focus on the digital aspects but is more catering to those audiences and activities that are online. This could include social media marketing, SEO/SEM, and content marketing, to name a few different strategies that a business can take. Now, this is an overly simple explanation of what internet marketing is exactly, but we will go into this more in depth at a later date. 

Inbound marketing is more of a methodology. It’s about solving your customers’ problems via helpful content that aids them in understanding, addressing, and solving their problem. It does contain almost all of the other services that you will hear about most often as tactics to pull people in, however, this considers outbound marketing as well. Outbound is your typical sales-y methodology that most people have come to loathe. Think those telemarketers at dinner. They usually push themselves into your lives, whether you want them to or not. 

The only person I need is someone who's a master in sales. Someone to really get out there and work my brand. Is this something you do?

Not in the way you’re likely thinking of. We’ll explain. 

Many business owners, CEOs, founders, etc. have looked at marketing as a cost center, where money is spent but the return on those costs isn’t clear. It’s not all their fault for having this thought for so long. Marketers themselves have struggled to report on facts and figures, and that has caused marketing to get a reputation. 

Nowadays, marketers can seamlessly generate reports that show detailed attribution models, customer journeys, and revenue tree maps that show where a sale originated. Whether it was through Facebook, Instagram, or Google query, powerful software exists that can trace a sale back to the beginning touch point. 

However, even the best tools we have can’t paint the whole picture unless we also have help from sales. Those crucial facts and figures they have in their own database provides a more complete understanding of a few points: the entire customer journey, the original touch point, and the last touch point before a sale. Sales can have this habit of forgetting to send marketing that information to create better campaigns in the future — and in turn make more sales. 

Marketing and sales should act more like close cousins than distant relatives. While it’s a common misconception that these two are completely different, they really are not. Sales has tended to take over as soon as marketing has labeled them as “sales ready”, which then gets that layup to convert. 

What we do here at F&F is different. We keep a sharp eye on everything going on in a campaign or an entire marketing strategy. We let the internet be that outside sales rep for you. We know how to talk to the guy, and he knows what the people want. Through this cohesive relationship, your return on investment and the ability to track those dollars becomes apparent when you calculate the ratios.  

Every marketer I've encountered all does the same exact services. What makes you so special?

You must have read the first paragraph and be asking about our UVP. 

Many agencies, firms, and people offer much of the same things: SEO, PPC, SEM, etc. With those, they have lofty promises of doubling your lead gen within a certain period of time which often end in your disappointment and smaller revenue. The worst part is that you need to speak to someone and every time you try, you get crickets until your invoice comes in your inbox. 

It may count against us, but we don’t bite off more than we can chew. We don’t take on so many clients that it means you get less attention than you deserve while still paying that higher price. What value are you getting from that? 

Our UVP is this: we’re not a large agency. We don’t have the reporters for The New York Times on speed dial. If that’s what you’re looking for, then you have a long and expensive road ahead of you. If you’re in this for the long haul and really looking to take your business seriously with certified, organized, and communicative personnel, then call us birds of a feather.  We understand shoestring budgets and stretch out every dollar we have available to return the best results possible. Tactics such as using the right combination of keywords for SEO and SEM, getting those questions when your audience needs answers, and sending out the perfect email when the customer needs it most. We help you meet your customers where they are, so you can swoop in and convert them. 

We don’t have it to a perfect science just yet, but no one really does… unless you’re Bill Gates.