Who We Are & What We Do Best

Falcon & Fire is a full-service digital and internet marketing team that acts as if we’re in-house. Although we’re registered in the great state of Florida, we work wherever, whenever, however.

That’s how marketing is done nowadays. Some days, we get a calm day where it’s maintenance and catching up. Other days, it’s late-night meetings with C-Suite executives to prepare for a product launch. It’s digging deep into the data to discover what trends might become viral. It’s managing a crisis when someone influential has had an adverse experience with your product or service.

Marketers have to be agile. They have to be versatile. They have to be ready for anything.

That’s what we are here at Falcon & Fire. We have a bird’s eye view on just about everything that happens or can happen in marketing. That gives us the ability to change direction quickly when needed.

And that’s what gives us an advantage. 

Though we’re smaller than some other magnificent birds of prey, we’re swift. We’re nimble. We can detect trends and changes with great precision and apply those to your marketing strategy and campaigns.   

Services Offered:

Marketing Strategy & Campaign Design

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) & SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

Email Marketing Campaign Construction & Implementation

Content Strategy & Content Creation

SMS & Messenger Campaigns

Social Media Marketing

The People Behind the Name

Jo Falkner, Digital Marketing

“Since graduating Trinity University in 2010, I have worked in different businesses both private and public. From sales and recruiting, I reached my home in marketing. With my combined experiences, I can see how people connect with others and help brands do the same. The audience is in the driver’s seat, but we can assist them by showing that audience the map with directions on how to get where they need to go. I’ve done the same for companies in the past, putting together their own roadmaps that answer their audiences’ questions that lead to conversions.”
Outside of marketing, Jo likes to hike, practice yoga, and hang out with dogs. 


We’re not looking to rewrite War and Peace. So, here are the highlights: 

  • F&F was started in 2017 specializing in real estate marketing. We crafted marketing plans and campaigns for brokers, agents, REALTORs®, etc. 
  • Expanded in 2019 into other industries like manufacturing and agriculture 
  • Now working with universities around the country to teach the next generation of marketers